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Did you know that dogs can benefit substantially from adding turmeric to their daily diet?

Dr Doug English, an Australian veterinarian, has been using turmeric for years on his patients and has seen positive results for conditions including allergic dermatitis, atopy (chronic skin disease), arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome.  Dr Doug has observed increased athletic ability and improvement in overall health;  you may even notice greater shine in your dog's coat.

We suggest you read Why Turmeric for Animals to better understand how dogs can benefit substantially from adding turmeric to their daily diet.


Visit How to feed turmeric to dogs for more information. All dogs benefit from turmeric in their diet.  

Whilst the benefits of incorporating turmeric into your dog’s diet are substantial, results are not immediate;  expect to see improvements over a few weeks, with increasing benefits in the months ahead.  Some customers notice improvement in activity and energy levels in senior pets, whilst others report a lesser need for a range of medications, including being able to stop prescription pain killers.  To read uplifting customer stories, please visit Heartwarming Tales on our blog.

If your dog has a pre-existing condition, is currently on medication, has a planned surgery, or is pregnant, talk to your vet prior to adding turmeric to their daily diet Click here to read F.A.Q.s on turmeric