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Taste Tester Pack

Pack of 3 Bars


Not sure where to begin on your health journey with turmeric?  The Taste Tester Pack three pack is ideal solution at your first taste! Try each flavoursome wholefood bar and pick your favourite. 

Will it be the spicy WhamBams? The gingery GingiBams? Or the choc-berry ChickiBams?

These are Dr Doug's Golden Paste recipe transformed into a long life and easily transportable bar for busy people on the go. Each bite is crafted nutritionally available (using 95% Curcuminoids) and readily available for your body's absorption, which is why Dr Doug and Turmeric Life are one of the most trusted and effective manufacturers of Turmeric / Curcumin products globally available.

Taste test the 3 different bars, and pick your favourite!

GingiBams Ingredients: Dates, cacao powder, turmeric powder, almond meal, cashews, sultana, chia meal, pepitas, linseed meal, ginger, coconut oil, cinnamon, hazelnuts, cacao butter, rose hips, black pepper, curcumin, sea salt.

ChickiBams Ingredients: Dates, cacao powder, cranberry, brazil nuts, pure chocolate, turmeric powder, almond meal, pepitas, cacao butter, sultanas, figs, HSP, linseed meal, glycerol, rose hip powder, maca powder, coconut oil, chia seed, black pepper powder, nannochloropsis powder, ginger powder, curcumin extract, ashwagandha powder, schisandra berry powder, shatavari root powder, st mary's thistle powder, MSM, astaxanthin, lactospore, cinnamon powder, bromelain, sea salt.

WhamBams Ingredients: Dates, cashew paste, pecan meal, turmeric, pepitas, HSP , roasted almond pieces, sultanas, cacao butter, cacao powder, Chia meal, coconut oil, flax meal, sweet potato powder, cinnamon, ginger powder, black pepper, salt, tomato powder, brewers yeast, rose hip powder, curcumin, alfalfa powder, aloe vera powder, beetroot juice powder, maca powder, reishi mushroom powder, chilli powder, vinegar powder, oregano, cumin, chilli, garlic, nutmeg.


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