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Doctor Doug English (Duggie), an Australian vet and long-time turmeric researcher, created Golden Paste by adapting traditional recipes to current cooking practices and materials. In September 2012, he founded the Turmeric User Group on Facebook, to gather anecdotal reports of turmeric's use.

Recommending Golden Paste to his clients for over 10 years, Doug was able to help with many diseases related to chronic inflammation, including arthritis and more. The reports from group members in the following six years have confirmed those benefits and suggested others.

As the Facebook group grew rapidly from about 100 friends and clients to now over 270,000 followers, it became apparent that the amount of information was too much for the Facebook webpage to handle alone. So this Turmeric Life website was created. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram too.

Many of the articles on this website are from Doug and the T.U.G admin team (helpers from around the world who work as unpaid volunteers). They answer questions and collate the data from the thousands of people who eat Golden Paste and feed it to their pets.

This website hopes to provide a one-stop portal for all things turmeric. We have recently upgraded and will add new articles and posts regularly. Anecdotal stories and photos will be featured, and Doug and his team of admins will continue to answer questions, and provide updates on the latest research.

In most cases, we advise against the use of turmeric and/or curcumin capsules, pills, supplements, tonics, drinks, etc. There is a place for curcumin supplements in very few, limited situations. Turmeric capsules may be a source of turmeric when the more effective Golden Paste isn't feasible but a lot of these products are a waste of money, with extravagant claims and little to no scientific justification. Many are poorly absorbed, and some contain honey or other sweeteners that add nothing to the benefits and may provoke inflammation, illness and pain.

Get the real thing. Turmeric is a plant. It is real food, turmeric is not a drug. It is meant to be eaten as food, with food. Would you take an apple pill or a potato potion?

We recommend making the Golden Paste at home yourself. Quick, cheap, easy, and it actually works

Turmeric Life also hopes to create the opportunity to grow and produce the world's best turmeric (and more) on the Gold Coast of Australia, to fund much-needed research that others are not interested in, and to continue to provide our services as freely as possible. You can help support us by trying our new Turmeric Life Power bars for a real turmeric treat that works great!

If you want to know more about turmeric, just ask us. It's our life. Duggie's Turmeric Life.