Want to know where to find quality turmeric powder?

You should be able to find quality turmeric powder at your local health food store or Indian/Asian supermarket as well. You're looking for the Curcuma longa variety. You just want pure 100% turmeric. Turmeric is available online through Amazon as well. In South Africa, look for 'therapeutic' grade turmeric, which is guaranteed not to have any fillers. In other countries, there is only one grade, which is suitable for everyone.

Please do be aware of one problem with purchasing from Amazon, Wish, eBay or any of the other online consumer sites! As far as we know, this scam is occurring only in the US at this point, but it's reasonable to suspect it may spread to other countries. Scammers are claiming to sell turmeric from at least two respected spice companies (Frontier and Starwest Botanicals). But even though the listing on Amazon shows that company's packaging, the product arrives in different packaging and is NOT from either of those companies. The turmeric is a dark brown instead of being the usual bright gold. We don't know whether it is adulterated with something else or is just a very poor quality product. But we urge you to make sure, if purchasing from Amazon or another online consumer site, that the vendor providing the product is the same as the company name on the listing itself.

Over the years we have discovered through our own research and after hundreds of thousands of reviews in the Turmeric User Group, these are our most trusted suppliers who have maintained the best standards and quality. None of these businesses pay for any position here, it's all based on reviews of their services and can change. Please let us know your thoughts.

What about fresh raw turmeric? It is possible to make Golden Paste with raw turmeric, but it is less convenient and a lot messier. You would need to adjust the amount of both turmeric and water to compensate for the extra bulk and the extra moisture in the raw rhizome. Your best bet is to use a good quality turmeric powder, which you can find from any of the suppliers in these lists.

We do not recommend using cheap turmeric, discounted brands, or pills/capsules/supplements/extracts, etc.


Doug English talking turmeric with Peter Fleming at Currumbin Valley Harvest