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Real Story - Sara Carrigan

Name: Sara Carrigan
Sport: Olympic Gold Medallist, Cycling Road Race,2004 Athens Olympics
Eating: WhamBams & Original Bars
(and very excited to try the ChickiBams)
Since: 2018
Quote: “Dr Doug is my uncle and I’ve let him use me as a Guinee pig for years as he worked to develop the right combination of Turmeric and active ingredients to fuel my body as a mother and wife, but also to keep me in peak performance as I continue to race into my 40’s. I love these bars and could not imaging my day without them. I only wish they were around when I was in my 20’s, I could have won more Gold.”
Sara Carrigan

Sara Carrigan OAM – Olympic Champion, Australian Champion, Commonwealth Games Medallist, World Cup Champion – has lived her dreams and then some. She now runs a Cycling school on the Gold Coast sharing her love of cycling and helping the next generation of Gold Medallists reach their goals.

Sara has dedicated her life to cycling, her family and being a great human, of whom we are proud to call a friend. Sara has been at the forefront of using Turmeric to enhance athletic performance being a guinea pig for Dr Doug over many many years. Sara always looks to fuel he body with clean nutrients; she has eaten Turmeric Life bars before we were a company. Dr Doug is Sara’s uncle and they have worked together for years discussing performance increases with bar recipe developments. Sara is an avid fan of the Original and WhamBams bars having seen the daily increase in performance she has achieved. She also had her whole cycling team enjoying the bars to give them a great competitive edge.

During the COVID-19 lockdown from March 2020, Sara found a small amount of spare time and though “I might attend the AusCycling Masters Championship in December 2020”. Her first competitive race in 6 years at club level (after having kids). With a short training schedule, alongside a full-time coaching career and two small and high energy children, we are ecstatic to announce Sara came third. We saw here the day of the race at which point she said “I didn’t think I would even place, so at the end I just pushed and came third, wonder what would happen if I trained a bit harder”. Sara is an amazing sportsman, human, mother and we are proud to say Turmeric Life ambassador.

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Stay tuned as we will be conducting an interview with Sara in the future that we will add to this story. In the meantime, enjoy her winning the 2004 Olympic Gold Medal in the Road Race.

Venue Urban Road Cycling Course
126.4 km (78.5 mi)
Date 15 August 2004
Competitors 67 from 27 nations
Winning time 3:24:24